Custom component solutions

customised to your requirements

With the recent acquisition of the company Custom Parts Solutions, CT-Alliance is now positioned to design and manufacture customised Polymer components to any specific requirement.

Projects completed in the following industries but not limited to:




Electrical & Electronic


Process and Services include

Step 1


Step 2

CAD Design / Simulation

Step 3

Prototype & Development (3D)

Step 4

Case Review

Step 5

Production Tooling

Step 6

Order Fulfillment

customised to your requirements

Custom Vehicle Components

  • Complete Dashboard Assemblies
  • Heavy Duty Cable Terminals
  • Headlight Dampers
  • Ballistic Ventilation Louvers
  • Gun Port Protection Plates
  • Wheel Arch Spats
  • Jacking Point Protectors
  • Universal CTIS Wheel Valve Dust Covers
  • Any Polymer Component Not Commercially Available


400 Amp Power Bush

UV Resistant Light Lens

Valve Diaphragms

Push Button Cover

Custom Valve Inserts

Soft A60 Salt Water Seal

Dual - Hardness Terminal Isolator

O-Rings: Excellent Rebound Elasticity at Low Temperature

Chemical Resistant Bellows 40°C - 160°C

Reverse Engineered 3D Printed Gear

Rapid Manufacturing From Sample In Production Materials

Gyrocopter Engine Mountings

Custom Ball Joint Boot Covers

Thin Wall Solenoid Boot Cover 1mm Thickness

High Temperature Solenoid Boot Cover Up To 300°C

Electrical Connector Overmolding Diesel Fuel Sender Probe

Nylon Bracket 50°C - 120°C

Waterproofing Mil Spec Connectors

Cable Termination Insulation

Switch Connectors

Fire Retardant Aviation Part

Electronic Enclosure Insert Molding

Wide temperature Ice Skate Guards Chemical Resistant

LED Street Light Fitting Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping

Steering Column Cover

Window Seal

Canopy AC Grill Inlet

Wheel Arch Spats

Wide temperature PCB Enclosure Chemical Resistant

16 bar Pressure Rating Water Meter Casing Chemical Resistant

Insert Molding Electrical Insulator

Elastomer Spring Replacement Material

Rubber Grommet

5 Pin Back Shell

12 Pin Back Shells

Protective Casing

Nylon Battery Holder

Nylon Handle

Harness Overmolding

Silicone Suction Cup


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